Cozy Caravans
Affordable housing delivered to your door
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Here at Cozy Caravans we understand that housing can be expensive, stressful or inconvienient.

We offer solutions to various housing needs.

Do you have a friend or relative that will be staying with you for a long period of time? well why not give you and them some independance and give them a room outside.

Are you building and do not want to waste money on rent while paying your mortgage on a house you can not yet live in? Live on the block in a caravan.

Have you recently moved here from overseas and dont want to overstay your welcome with your mates while you are looking for a job and a place of your own? park a van on their lawn.

Mother in law coming to live with you..... need i say more...put her in a caravan

Or maybe just down on your luck and want to save some money.

What ever the problem, we have the solution.